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I want alchemy from this ocean

not these metaphors of endlessness

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Going South (Renesmee meta in fic form)
bugger this
Title: Going South
Characters/Pairings: Renesmee Cullen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, death.
When: After Breaking Dawn.
Summary: When she looks in the mirror, her eyes are still brown. She smiles.
Disclaimer: Not mine, thank heavens.
Author's Note: Look, I'm not a fan of Twilight, so this can't actually be called fanfiction, I think. Um. It's more meta on Renesmee, because my first thought on reading BD was "WTF EWWW" and my second thought was "wow, Renesmee is going to be so screwed up." So yeah. Meta. Not fanfic. Also, there was going to be more, but I liked the last sentence too much as an ending. Someday there might be a companion piece to this. The title comes from the last line and also from the phrase 'to go south' which means something like 'to get messed up.' Continued in The One Unchanging Thing Is I. Elaboration of the time Renesmee spent in college is in And All Her Yesterdays.


The day of her third birthday, she looks like she is eight years old. She can recite soliloquies, passages of famous literature, and due to books Grandfather Carlisle has in his study, the entire Anglican services.


By the time she turns four, what had been mere parrot-like repetition becomes a thirst for real knowledge, and she doesn't recite anymore, just reads as much as she can, taking notes and ordering textbooks off the internet.


One morning soon after she turns five, she doesn't get out of bed, just lies there with her fingers against her throat and listens to her pulse beat fast as she grows.

She lies there for a month, her family leaving her alone on Edward's request, and begins to comprehend eternity.

She is not quite so eager about growing after that.


On her sixth birthday she looks sixteen and feels like she's three. Her clothes are all picked out for her, fancy and perfect, her meals prepared, anything she wants given to her, and she feels smothered.

So she drives into town in her mother's old truck and buys second hand jeans and t-shirts and a pack of red hair dye, which she goes to Charlie's place to use.

"Looks good, kid," he says when she comes down the stairs.

She wants to say thank-you, so she goes fishing with him, bundled up in a windbreaker and one of Charlie's old plaid shirts with her newly red hair whipping in her face. He shakes his head when she offers the windbreaker and shirt back, so she keeps them. The whole truck smells like sunshine and water as she drives.

When she gets home, her mother just shakes her head and looks resigned, and suddenly the whole effort feels like a waste.

"Fish for dinner?" she says into the silence, holding up her catch.


"I want to go to Harvard," she tells them.

"Plenty of time for that." Her mother looks worried.

"Next year."


She can take care of herself.


"My hair's growing too fast," she tells Charlie, holding up a box of bright red hair dye.

"Don't stain the sink," he says, and then as she goes up the stairs, "I'm going fishing tomorrow. Want to come?"

"Yeah.," she says, and smiles at him.


She makes up a transcript, carefully writing down the grades she got on subjects she taught herself, and when J. J. asks her what name to put on the papers she says, "Mary Blake," without any hesitation.


She falls in love with Harvard the moment she steps on campus, completely alone. Her family has moved on from Forks, but she said no every time they suggested coming here. Jake had been the most insistent, but she is not in love with him, and besides, Mary Blake does not have a Destiny, or a promise bracelet, or anything binding her to things in the dark but the cell phone in her bag.

She leaves it there and buys a new one - 'hi, this is Mary, leave a message' she says clearly - and when girls and boys ask for her number it is this one she gives out.


"She'll come back," Esme had said confidently. "We're her family."

Mary isn't so sure.


At night she walks alone, searching for danger. Her third night, she finds a man hitting a girl.

She slits his throat and drinks him dry.


When she looks in the mirror, her eyes are still brown. She smiles.


"I'm going to see the world," she tells her mother, and hangs up before she can hear any more than a faint "Nessie, what?" She is not Renesmee Cullen anymore.


The bus pulls in.


She goes south.

Oh God I love this. You just made Renesmee Cullen difficult, independant, tragic and amazingly real. It's wonderful :)

XD Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Um more?

So... not a fan of twilight at all, but this was very very good, Betsy! I *want* to read more about her! I loved the scene with Charlie especially.

It made sense to me that Charlie would understand her need for something normal. XD Like said, I hate Twilight too, but Renesmee - she practically begged for character meta fic.

wow--that is beautiful. Really beautiful. You said volumes in just a small collection of lines. Lovely.

Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

XD Thanks!

(also, ROFL at your icon. XANDER HEEE!)

Woah, this was awesome! I would never have expected awesome Renesmee fic, but, uh, this was.

Have you thought about writing more? Does she make friends?

ALSO THANK YOU FOR BREAKING UP THE IMPRINTING THING. I never got to that point in the books but the concept makes me uncomfortable.

Renesmee deserves so much more love than she gets! Mostly because, WOAH, potential for craziness weee! The only character in the entire series you can believably write completely any way you want (she even expresses a preference for human blood in the books!).

I'm pretty certain there's more to her story - traveling and seeing the world, probably the Volturi, learning everywhere she can, going her own way, dating humans, killing people. "You were wrong," she writes her father. "It doesn't make you as bad as the murderers, to kill them. You were wrong." I'm hoping I'll write some more sometime, because writing this one was a lot of fun.



I am SO WITH YOU on needing to change up the Twilight universe. And this is great! even in how messed up she is she is sort of the most normal? What you would totally expect from this sort of situation - a rebellious contrary girl who wants to run away from her family that seems so immobile, and part of this rebellion would totally include her not just ignoring her vampireness.

FISHING :DDDDD I LOVE that she hangs out with Charlie! Aawwwwww charlie is great, he needs some love. And of course she changes her crazy name, and go her for leaving even Jacob because seriously, "that kind of devotion is hard to resist" my ass. dude, rock on!


I KNOW I KNOW how messed up is the Twilight universe? And she's got the money, she can take care of herself (parts I didn't write: the day Renesmee Cullen transferred 5 million from her account to Mary Blake's and never touched her account again). And at the same time, she's so clueless about stuff! (other parts I didn't write: the first time a guy hit on her. BOY HOWDY, was that interesting. also, the time Jacob came to visit her in Harvard and she KICKED HIS FURRY ASS back to Washington.)

I KNOWWW. He sees vampires and werewolves and is all 'okay, I'm chill with this.' But he totally gets how Renesmee needs distance from them, because he sees his daughter and isn't really sure she understands how to treat her daughter. Learning from bad parenting, he thinks, and teaches Renesmee how to bait a hook. And he understands the feeling of being smothered by too much care. (parts I didn't write: the first time Renesmee cut her hair, so short it didn't touch her shoulders, and Charlie told her it looked fantastic, kid. Alice almost cried when she came home.) Also, JACOB IMPRINTING. Totally part of my 'WTF EWWW' reaction. XD

I want to be a good friend and read this, but I just can't. BREAKING DAWN DIDN'T HAPPEN. Sorry, bb. :(

I don't like the whole series (although the New Moon movie will probably be fun because HELLO, WEREWOLVES WOOT! And besides, I like KStew and Pattinson and Lautner), so Breaking Dawn was just '... wow, that was really really bad, not just kind of weird.'

XD It's fine. <333

God this good. I love the contrast between Renesmee and Mary, not just the new person she becomes, but the names. God, the names.

I love how she just drifts away from her family (because honestly, who would really want that "perfect" of a family?).

Great job, bb! ♥

She never really wanted perfection, so she just became herself instead. New name, new life, new people (except for Charlie, because she can't leave Charlie behind no matter where she goes, and she doesn't want to).

Oooh, you said it perfectly! She just drifts away - severes the ties and moves.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you for writing this. Finally a Renesmee who is not perfect and who rebels and has issues with her family.

Saving this and reading the next fic.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I guess it's fairly obvious from the stories, but I can't imagine Renesmee anything but at least a little messed up.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I would say yes, but I can see that you have already found it! XD

This is amazing! I really like this.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed!


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