I want alchemy from this ocean

not these metaphors of endlessness

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narnia exchange letter this is so late shoot me
bugger this
GOD OK THIS HAS TAKEN ME FOREVER sorry sorry my NFE person i feel incredibly sorry about this life has basically hit me like a complete freight train and this has been very unfair to you.

I know I gave just a list of names pretty much, so I'm just going to try to lay out a few things that I tend to like in Narnia / fandom / fiction in general and honestly, like, Narnia fanfiction is always such a huge delight to me I will be pleased to see almost anything. But yes! Rough guidelines.

Specific Narnia Dislikes: I tend to have problems with Aslan as completely benevolent god, please do not vilify Susan, uhhh that's p much the only two things I actually actively dislike.

Specific Narnia Likes: Susan & Edmund being the 'shadow' siblings, worldbuilding of the Golden Age, I'm interested in the founding of Narnia, intricacies of law making and upholding, life in England After, the Pevensies learning how to navigate England again, Susan always and forever, Last Battle AU's where at least one other Pevensie survives with Susan, Pevensies being awesome at being rulers because they worked really hard at it, . IN STUPID PERSONAL adorations I love the idea that Susan / any other surviving Pevensies stop aging in their world at the point they left Narnia and just stay immortal and hang around. Can't help it ok.

Some Quotes That Make Me Think Of Narnia:  "In this new language our bones say / sun and sea, reminding us of an old / language our mouths have forgotten, but our / marrow remembers." (a new language by casandra m lopez)
(here by cyril wong) no just this whole poem god dawn treader why.
"All right. Try this, / Then. Every body / I know and care for, / And every body / Else is going / To die in a loneliness / I can't imagine and a pain / I don't know. We had / To go on living." (northern pike by james wright)
"There are tigers above / and below. Let us love / one another and let go." (tigers by eliza griswold)
"I tell you / Someone will remember us / In the future." (sappho)

General Fic Things I Love: character studies, crossovers (seriously I would cross over anything with Narnia), zombie au's, codependency, competency, fics which contain parts that aren't necessarily connected until they are, people are genuinely decent people, tragedy that leads to eventual happiness, honestly like my reading tastes are wide and varied if you need any further ideas or anything clarified at all send it through snacky or just anon here!! and i will do my absolute best to get back to you much much more quickly this time. anon here would actually probably work faster.


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