I want alchemy from this ocean

not these metaphors of endlessness

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surviving the way that made them bitter
bugger this
Title: waiting for(ward)
Original Text(s) Erased: Waiting For the Great Leap Forward
Erased By: [personal profile] be_themoon
Original Text By: [personal profile] woldy
Fandom (of original text): Harry Potter
Fandom (of erasure): N/A

future years might be symbolic,
hands or missiles for the cause
the fight
these people who’ve run
out of luck
surviving the way that made them bitter. Regardless
he is hungry.
they’re lucky to be
fists around stones
blinding lights.

open eyes another hint
alone at the bedside.
feel slow
lost from sight.
the last sensation of falling is best.
“sorry I did everything.”
he doesn’t regret it
didn’t want to
trying to fill the silence
with a maelstrom in
the empty room.

if you care to look
wanted to
full volume is switching
back to calm.
sort them out
based on a joke
rising to a shout.
“I never delayed Death.”
“Did you ever have losses – “
“I’m too tired”
blazing in a way
that is fiercely abrupt
and inevitable
shouting because rage
is less of an effort than being careful.
help is potent and poisonous.
help is back at the beginning
a point when the end
is barely distinct from the start
it will have to be

the night before is
and a terrible mess of unspoken
the war coming would make real
things fighting to be love.
luck and choices.
a single thread untangled
This is when it started.

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gaaaaaaaaaaaah I don't know the original fic but this is amazing and tense and so well beaten-out, I love it.

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