I want alchemy from this ocean

not these metaphors of endlessness

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bugger this
 will be at camp and not around for the next four days. see you guys when I get back. <333

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You are pretty happy go lucky awsome

Hey! i just run into your journal and its been a funny read, I fell here after a hard argument with a friend about how superhero comics are sexist and portray woman in a negative way. He told me to read Batgirl or Supergirl, I expected some girly boring comic or a rip off for batman, so before I tried any issue I started looking for information, and BANG! Your post about stephanie was awsome, so Im really turning into superhero comics again.


the fact that stephanie died in that story doesnt seem as bad now, It helped Cassandra and Tim to bond, tragedy easelly bring a cool dose of drama (hell I like people in refrigerators, pets, parents, jason todd, is all good). But the really cool fact os that Stephanie came back, I know life is not like that and dead should stay dead, but comics can help to explore multiple "death possibilities": awsome death, emotive death, epic death, sad death, etc. I just say, cause many stephanie fans were really pissed about war games and I just dont felt that angry

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