I want alchemy from this ocean

not these metaphors of endlessness

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lol hi
bugger this
 I will feel better when the stats stop telling me I'll finish on Dec. 15th. Which they won't stop telling me until it's not true anymore. Which means I have to write... two thousand something words? Which I won't accomplish tonight. But if I make word count tonight, I'll only have like - 2500 words to write tomorrow!

I am finally achieving some sort of breakthrough, which is good, because if I don't have any inspiration for NaNo but have loads for my RP characters, guess who gets written and who doesn't? 


p.s. oh my god I have to catch up so I can start writing college application essays I hate those things. also I need to write and ask for recommendations. also one of our hostel girls came home from a party drunk tonight. thank goodness I wasn't on duty. (instead I am on tomorrow. and don't even get the hour more sleep in of the weekend because some girls have to be let out early. and I worked like three extra hours Friday. I'm being cranky ignore me.)

so! NANOING FLIST, how's your novels going?

REST OF FLIST, how's life? I.. haven't checked anything in like three days now. Oops.

will be posting this on Tumblr too feel free to ignore it.
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7334 as of last night. the actors are in the pub.

We'll have to have a catch up marathon together at some point. With weird challenges, and stuff like that. I DON'T KNOW.

*weeps* I'm not that far ahead of you, I'm like four thousand words behind oh god.

Lololol nano says I will finish on October 24, 2012

Currently, I shall finish Dec 10, which isn't actually all that bad considering I barely wrote yesterday and I haven't written at all today. Midterm, bah. BUT I plan to catch up and hopefully get ahead over the Remembrance Day long weekend (four days off and no work, woo!) so I guess I shall see? It's been going better than I expected - but then, I expected to be writing a 10K novel and then working on other stuff, and instead everyone is being incredibly descriptive and thinky and I've barely gotten into the plot at all in the first 9700. So. We shall see how that goes.

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