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bugger this

1) NaNoWriMo with a 70,000 word goal. (LADY SUPERHEROES.)
2) reapplying to UofC if I get up the courage to ask for new recommendation letters. :/
3) RPing with my most lovely Maxine Gibson and Alex Rider! SO MANY FEELINGS. 
4) Still watching too much TV. Especially TV that involves superheroes. Especially tiny teenage superheroes who just want to snark in peace.
5) Working. As normal. 
6) Trying to make sure two of my hostel girls remain okay. One of them has some sort of long-term illness that she has never gotten addressed and the other is almost constantly on the verge of a psychological meltdown and her parents are not helping.


GOOD NIGHT. NaNo starts in an hour but I need to be sleeping because I have to be awake at 6.30 again tomorrow. I SHALL BEGIN TOMORROW. someone teach me how to write action scenes in the interim like ten hours. while I'm sleeping and working. that would be great.

ETA: So within half an hour of posting this I had to call the dean of girls for the sick girl and she went to hospital fifteen minutes later. And I have a protective streak, and I like her, and I'm the one who took her to the hospital when she had pneumonia and I've been pushing her to get a doctor's appointment ever since to figure out what's wrong and I am worrying my head off for her.

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You are so good to her! I hope all is well! That all sounds pretty scary.

As for U of C, go for it, really. I would write you a rec in a second -- I think you would be a terrific asset to the school -- unfortunately, I'm a Northwestern grad, not a U of C grad, but I am a respected member of society (and my pyschic paper wouldn't even short out on writing that). And if I'm willing to do that on the basis of 2 years of internet interaction and reading your superb fiction and reading your thoughtful, intelligent posts, I think people who have spent time with you face to face would be honored to do the same.

Nobody knows what she has! Apparently the doctors are thinking asthma? but I'm suspicious of that.

<3333 you boost my confidence so well, Rth. I am going forward with it! I've figured out who to ask, so now I just need to write them. and essays. and everything else.

Lady Superheroes! That is so exciting! :DDD

And I think you should def reapply. ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope everything works out with your sick girl. It's good she has someone like you around to care.

<333 thank youuuu.

she is doing sort of better but still not that great.


Also bb if I were abroad in a hostel I would definitely want you to be my RA. <33333333

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