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hey flist!
bugger this
 I feel bad, I have been neglecting - um, everything?

I picked up a few people at the YJ friending meme! I feel like I should introduce myself, but I am really super bad at introductions. Um. Hi, I'm Betsy, I'm working in New Zealand for a year before college, I like reading and writing and music and watching things and LADIES and superheroes (and superhero ladies are double awesome) and politics in the sense of wanting to beat up all the politicians and do something myself and languages and silly things and RPing and Susan Pevensie. (You may think the last one is overly specific compared to the others. It is not. Susan Pevensie is the actual best. She is an entire category of awesome all by herself.)

NaNoWriMo is in five days! This is really exciting to me. I have been wanting to write and doing planning for writing a lot this past year, but I've been so fragmented in my actual writing, bits and pieces of things. NaNo makes me sit down and write a complete narrative, which is always a good and needed thing. HEY HEY HEY you should talk to me about NaNo, anyone else doing it or anyone who just wants to talk! 

Also Crossover Exchange (which I should get written this week if I am smart, which invariably I am not when it comes to deadlines), Yuletide when it comes around, and Festivids. 

Also I just started work again. Where did the holidays go? They were just here, I swear! Oh well, just seven more weeks and then the summer holidays! And I had excellent holidays, of which I spent most of the time doing nothing and being in an empty hostel. (This feels really good when the rest of the time there are 52 girls and at least one supervisor around all the time.) oh! LASS, if you see this we should talk, because I would like to come see you sometime. I don't think I will have enough money for summer holidays, but the two weeks inbetween Term 1 & 2 next year (I think that should be mid-March?) or in July could work? I just don't know where you will be or if that will work for you! ALSO I JUST MISS YOU. 

I've been here three months already. That feels so weird to say. It's been a quarter of my time and as much as it can be frustrating and difficult all the girls came back and all the Year 9's were genuinely happy to see me and some other girls were too and it felt good and I love having Mary around so much. I kind of really like being here, issues with boys aside. (I'm alternating between furious at Nick and liking him way too much.)

I mean, I am kind of irritated right now because Wednesday is the day I have no work at the school, so normally I either have the whole day off or six hours inbeween hostel work, but today apparently I have to help set up the dining room at 10:30 and go to a staff meeting, which between them will kind of destroy my illusion of free time. I... really like having that free time. 

TV-wise, I have nothing but incoherent joy at Downton Abbey, even more incoherent joy for Young Justice (TEAM TEAM THIS TEAM OH MY GOD), an admission that I have GOT to catch up on Criminal Minds and Nikita, and a note that I've been watching a few episodes of Alpha and it seems quite interesting. But I am so open to discussing these shows, definitely.

And that is all I have for today! <3333 Love you guys!
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Ooo Nano! I would LOVE to write it this year but I kind of promised my parents I wouldn't in the interest of doing better with schoolwork, and so have decided to participate in the Narnia Big Bang. (Because that reasoning makes So Much Sense). You aren't doing Big Bang, are you?

Not doing Big Bang, no. I've never been able to write long fanfiction. Oh well! I wish you were doing NaNo, but I shall wish you good luck on the Big Bang! MORE NARNIA FICTION. Always a plus. At whatever point I start reading fanfic again I shall have plenty to read.

I APPROVE OF THESE IDEAS. A LOT. LESBIANS IN LOVE (WITH SOME ZOMBIES TOO). GO GO GO. Make update posts and I shall try REALLY HARD to keep up with you during November. :D


*flaily hands everywhere* NANO IS THE BEST

I'm sorry this isn't more coherent I'm just having FEELINGS everywhere ALL OVER EVERYTHING


You forgot to mention your habit of crossing Susan over with ALL THE FANDOMS. Alsoooooo Meto is doing regenerating Lucy for her Narnia big bang and it struck me that maybe that would still work in England ~but wonkily~ and she would turn into like Jack Harkness. AND THEN I thought, well, Betsy's Susan does not age much in England. AND THEN I THOUGHT, that is the Last Battle AU I would love to read. ETERNALLY YOUTHFUL SUSAN AND HER KILL-ME-IT-WON'T-STICK SISTER LUCY, ADVENTURING. I bet they would join Torchwood.

loool you're right I did forget to mention that! OH WELL. I feel like a short review of my writing makes that pretty clear. "Oh, a crossover with Susan! ... another one! ... DOES SHE WRITE ANYTHING ELSE. oh look, a crossover with... Edmund. I see."


who am I kidding I'll definitely write at least a little bit of it.

Susan is the one with all the contacts and discrete inquiries and quiet behind the scenes manipulation. Lucy bounces around taking bullets and "spying".

"Chasing someone down, getting shot to hell, and then hitting them until they tell you what you want to know is not spying," Susan hisses.

They have a lot of arguments along those lines.

lakjalskdjasd I want this.

Susan tries to be circumspect about their past, tries not to point out too closely that they look under twenty-five even though they are old enough to be grandmothers.

"The Blitz was scary, definitely," Lucy is saying to Tosh. "Of course we were sent away later, once Father decided even he couldn't keep us at home anymore."

Then again, sometimes she is not sure why she bothers.

OH LUCY also Wyrm I just accidentally wrote Susan/Peggy Carter fic on Tumblr I AM BLAMING THIS ON YOU

Jack hits on her and Susan politely says no. Lucy is like "Oh well if you don't want him!" and Jack is for the first time in his life outmatched in a relationship for sheer aliveness.

Susan goes out with Tosh and Gwen for brightly colored drinks and girl talk. Unfortunately, most of her stories seem to end with, "And then I shot him," or some variant.


There are the stories that end with, "And then my sister shot him."

Afterward she decides to have a talk with Jack, but she is not quite sure what to say. "If you hurt her I'll kill you" is not very threatening, after all. She can't even say "Try to be safe" because they can both just regenerate.

"Remember that when you were saving England from the bombs she was still sleeping with a teddy bear," she says finally, but it doesn't pack quite the same punch since Jack only grins and says, "Really? Lucy tells me we were in war about the same time."

NaNo! Oh, geez, your post about NaNo made me randomly start brainstorming, but I really CANNOT do NaNo this year, with college and swimming and newspaper, and alsdj;ldf life.


shhhh just do it anyways YOU CAN DO IT

it is about SUPERHEROES. more specifically it is about what makes a hero a hero. we've got our main character, who's a bit of a coward and really doesn't want these abilities she's been given, her best friend who has no abilities but is eager to help, and a mutant at their school who gets folded into their band and wants to do good with his abilities. and they're all heroes, just in very different ways. it is also about a girl who wants nothing more than to be left in peace and quiet and has to deal with suddenly having huge responsibilities and really incredible powers. SHE IS NOT PLEASED.

I guess the running theme is sort of - the measure of a person is not what they are capable of, but what they do with what they are capable of.


asld;jfk;dsf I love your idea, bb! ♥ Especially because of your main character. She sounds very, very interesting, and her friend sounds very, very hilarious. <333

This theme. <3333

a;sdhgd I did that - last year? the year before? MAGIC AND ROADTRIPS make the best stories oh maaaan.

:DDD thank you!

I KNOW. I've been wanting to write a roadtrip story FOR FOREVER, but then I was like...MAGIC WOULD MAKE IT x100000 COOLER. /dork

Yeah, I've been neglecting LJ, too. Apparently it's a thing lately. :)

I'm so jealous! I signed up to do NaNo this year, but between swim team, work, school, and applying for college... November kinda sucks. I figure I'll still TRY, but, yeah, it's not looking too good. :/ But what's yours about? (Or, the better question, how's it coming so far?) I'm assuming it's not your first year, so any tips on how to proceed? (If not this year, then the next?)

You definitely have to catch up on Criminal Minds -- it's been pretty awesome (and mega sad to boot)lately! And I am SO pumped for YJ tonight. Last week was seriously awful; it was like a big fat reminder of the awful hiatus. *shudders* I'm just depressed I'll have to watch it later tonight, but, hey, beggers can't be choosers. :)

Good luck on NaNo!

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