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bugger this
So NFE reveals went up a while ago and I - neglected to mention mine here. Or stick it on A03. This is now rectified!

a cloud tangled in the tale of a kite
Narnia. Liliandil. Liliandil/Caspian.
On LJ. On A03.
Her heart is beating very fast indeed, and where she can feel the pulse at the corner of his wrist his is as well.

This is actually more or less a sequel to last year's NFE, your least gesture beckoned a constellation. (I even titled them from the same poem. I know, I know.) At first I was kind of worried as to whether I could write another fic about Liliandil, but as it turns out I quite like her and writing her - I should do it more often, but then again her and Caspian's lives just make me really, really sad. I hope I did justice to her. There was more I wish I could have figured out how to put in, on her tangled loyalties and maybe some meta on how stars work, but I got stuck too many times when I tried and I didn't have enough time to make it work. (I think it would have taken a long time.)

I've been working on the last thing for the We Love The Women That Fandom Hates fest, but it keeps being too big and taking too long. It will show up someday, I promise. :P

Definitely making progress with the girls, just in general. A couple days ago I wasn't on duty and when I walked through the Year 12 common room they all asked me to drive them to the grocery store to get apple juice, since they aren't allowed out after dark really. I said no because we aren't supposed to do van runs for small stuff and because I ... wasn't on duty and kind of really needed some sleep. But yesterday I went into town for myself and got some apple juice while I was there and left it in their common room for them, and they're all pretty pleased about that which is fun. :D

Nick left yesterday morning to continue on his world trip, which was kind of sad. :( I'm a very picky person! No more chances of makeouts for me for another year most likely. There.. really isn't another guy at the school I'm interested in, and I seem to require at least some sort of emotional connection. HUMPH. I went on retail therapy and got a really really cute dress, which was... actually pretty sweet because the dress is gorgeous and I'm really glad I have it, even if I don't know where I'll wear it yet. I guess around school, some day when I feel like being dressed up. 

So there's a couple of icon memes going around! First round is from [personal profile] munditia . :D

Keywords: DW: Mels: sunshine in my hands
this is not the end and time has not been unkind. By sexy_mood_music

I really, really loved the Mels version of River. I wanted another River icon and this actress was just SO stunning, oh man. I love Alex Kingston and her perfect face too, but this icon was also just too perfectly done, with the glow of the regeneration and stuff. Riveeeer, I think you are pretty much the best. 

Keywords: DA: Sybil: like a fairytale
but the one she built this time. By coffeestop_x

SYBIL. I identify with parts of all three Crawley sisters, and I think Mary the most, but Sybil and her endless enthusiasm and determination and spirit are just so beautiful to watch. I like that she's still naive about it and that she's always eager for more information, more things to do, more ways to help. I'm really looking forward to her journey throughout this season, and watching her grow up. <333

Keywords: Matrix: Trinity: higher and better each time
One day you will touch the sky. By driftedfar

The first Matrix movie is a LOT of fun, and Trinity is undoubtedly my favorite thing about it. I kind of really wish there had been an entire movie about nothing but how utterly awesome she is. :/

Keywords: Text: my marxist feminist dialectic
Yeah, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. By iconomicon

This is a really silly one, just a general silly note on how I tend to feel about life and boys and relationships. Because, well, such dialectic does not tend to bring all the boys to the yard. I... don't really mind. :P When it does, they're pretty awesome boys.

Keywords: SPN: Anna: heart like a hurricane
timeless like a broken watch. By janie_tangerine

oh man, Anna is easily my favorite angel. I love her conviction and her strength and her desire. I don't actually care that much that she tried to kill Sam, because much as I love Sam it was a relatively reasonable way to try to stop the Apocalypse. There was nothing to tell her the Winchesters would succeed. She was looking at it from a pragmatic and perhaps necessary perspective. (I also ship her madly with Susan Pevensie. OTP OF PRACTICALITY.)

And lettersandliars gave me these ones:

Keywords: Skins: Michelle: you are not final
will walk too long and not long enough. By hipboned

Micheeeeelle, darling. My first watch-through of Skins Gen 1 I was pretty much all about Jal and Maxxie, but on rewatching I realized that I fucking loved Michelle. She's vain but has no self-esteem, loves fiercely and loyally, has such a temper, is a fantastic friend, and she doesn't deserve any of the shit that got piled on her. Her story is just. asdlgkhdg;shkdg MICHELLE.

Keywords: Eagle: Marcus/Esca: there's a road
let us follow it. By theqilin

I just have A Lot Of Feelings about these two and this movie and the book it's based on and how Marcus & Esca are totally forever OTP. <333

Keywords: Marvel: Nico/Caroline: there's the horizon
let's sing to it. By diamondeyesss

I really like Nico and Caroline's friendship in Runaways. I like that they remained friends even through a slightly awkward not-returned crush, that they support each other so well. I don't really know what to say about them other than they're really really lovely and I love that Nico leads them all.

Keywords: DC: Cass/Steph: rooftop tag
oh, that's right - you always lose. By be_themoon

Oh man guys, I have told you how many feelings I have about them, right? SO MANY FEELINGS. THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST, and this panel is everything I love about them. That mad abandon and flight across the rooftops. DARLINGS.

Keywords: DW: Amy: I have no special talents
I am only passionately curious. By momentsofheaven

Amy, guys. AMY POND. I love the text on it, because while it's blatantly untrue (lock picking! empathy! bravery! AND OTHERS) I feel it's really indicative of just Amy in general. She gets by on her own fierce and beautiful determination. ALSO SHE IS PERFECT.

Also have watched 2x01 of Downton Abbey and have a LOT of feelings about it. Feel free to ask me about them!
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ALL THE MARCUS/ESCA FEELINGS <333 I wish I knew more people who've read the book/seen the movie.

I love them SO SO much, oh man. They are completely and entirely OTP. Booksverse I ship them with Cottia too because Cottiaaaaaaaaa. <3333

I haven't had a chance to watch 2x01 of Downton Abbey yet but I HAVE been all over it on Tumblr (because I'm a nasty little masochist like that, torturing myself with tasty glimpses of the ep) and OH MY GODDDDD my heart aches. Based on what I've seen on Tumblr, I'm pretty sure I will bawl my eyes out once I actually watch the ep!

I cried half the episode and spent the rest smiling joyfully through tears.


I really, really wish that Mels could have stuck around for a while longer. She was great!

And, yes, if the Matrix sequels had been about Trinity's awesomeness, I might not have had to erase them from my memory. :)

I never even bothered to watch the sequels after the stuff I heard about them. First one was all I needed. TRINITY, MY GIRL.

I'm sorry to hear of Nick living, but great to have had such a wonderful, positive time with him! And huzzah for retail therapy! Also, it's very good to hear that things are going better with the girls. It's lovely to hear from you!

Yeah, I was a bit upset at first but I adjust pretty fast to people being gone, which is good for me. And I did have a good time while he was here, which is really nice to have had.

<333 how are you doing these days? I don't think I've heard much from you other than that you (naturally) had a large hand to play in the beautiful new Last Battle AU community.

If you were here, you'd get my ear-ful on my impression that in the rush to have sex, people often miss out on all the really fun stuff that you can do BEFORE you get to that point. Not every relationship needs to end there and so I'm just delighted over and over that you've had this experience, that it's been positive, that you are happy about it and your choices and how very proud I am of how well you've handled it.

As for me? Hmmm. Big birthday coming up. That's the big thing. I'm ignoring it as it has me seriously down. Seriously bummed about fic, but so what else is new. And a tattoo. yes, a tattoo will be had.


Also, icon memes! Can I take part?

AND AND. New Young Justice tomorrow! YEEK. asdjll;ajsdf

I don't even know how to articulate them! Sybil in the kitchen, learning how to be not useless! Daisy and how much more confident with herself she is! MARY AND MATTHEW OH MY GOD I cannoooooot BATES AND HIS STUPID HONOR and Anna and her kindness and loveliness. MRS. HUGHES. Edith learning how to drive! I don't like Edith all that much but I love that she's doing that. BRANSON HE LOVES HER HE LOVES HER SO MUCH AND THEY WON'T HEAR IT FROM HEEEEER. It is not a yes, but it is not a "how dare you", rather a "I'm not ready to take that risk/I don't know if I like you enough". He can live with that. they are just all so perfect and doomed and ;aslkdhgldh I WANT THEM ALL TO BE HAPPY.

OH MY GOD YOUNG JUSTICE I LITERALLY CANNOT WITH MY FEELINGS I AM SO HAPPY IT IS BACK and M'gann and Superboy are so so OTP and while I would have liked for M'gann to have more to do I was really happy to see Superboy's perspective on how he is totally in love with her, because we've seen hers pretty regularly but not much on how he's feeling because he's so taciturn. Just. and Icicle Jr. awwww I want him to get rehabilitated and be happy! AND M'GANN AND HER FACE AND SUPERBOY'S FAKE ACCENT AND HIS CLEVERNESS AND HOW QUICK ON HIS FEET HE IS AND M'GANN'S REFUSAL TO LET OTHER PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE IN FRONT OF HER and looool Icicle's reaction to them kissing and basically this whole episode and oh my god just one more week and I'm going to get ROBIN AND ARTEMIS BEATING UP BAD GUYS IN A CAVE AND BEING SNARKY FOR TWENTY GLORIOUS MINUTES



YOUR FEELINGS. THEY MAKE ME HAVE FEEEEELINGS. Oh my God, Daisy being so confident, being on almost-equal footing with Mrs. Patmore (I loooove how she immediately agreed to helping Sybil and got Mrs. Patmore to agree :D). AND OH GOD MARY AND MATTHEW. MARY'S FACE WHEN HE'S AROUND. HER PRAYING. OH MARY. <333 And Bates/Anna will kill me, they are both TOO GOOOOOOD. ajsd;ljf; And, yeah, I didn't really like Edith a lot of the times, but I felt bad for her, and I'm glad she appears to be finding a purpose and actually smiling (because Laura Carmichael is adorable when she smiles). AND OH GOD BRANSON OH BRANSON AND HIS FACE IN THAT SCENE (also, lol when he was given a white feather). THEY WILL BE HAPPY, BETSY. God, they better.

YES YES YES. M'gann/Superboy is OTP like NONE OTHER. I LOVE IT. LOOOOOOVE IT. And yes, I completely agree! Because I could never tell how much Superboy actually ~liked~ M'gann but now we see he is completely in luuuuuuuuurve. And, yes, I felt so bad for Icicle Jr! Just be happy, Junior! AND OH MY GOD I LOVED THEIR ACTING AND BEING SMART AND AMAZING AND IT WAS GREAT. And hahaha, Icicle's reaction to their kiss was THE BEST.

I WILL DIE WITH YOU, BB. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY I DON'T THINK MY BRAIN CAN HANDLE THE COMBINED BADASSERY OF ARTEMIS AND ROBIN FOR 20 CONTINUOUS MINUTES. I WILL DIE. HAPPILY, OF COURSE, BUT I WILL STILL BE DEAD. For serious, I spent over an hour scouring Tumblr in hopes that a clip had been revealed like there was for "Terrors."

This is a very quick comment to say I LIKE YOUR ICONS A LOT.

(Question: If River Song and Sarah Jane met, would there be falling in love and fighting aliens and Sarah Jane being all frowny face at the shooting?)

<33333333333333333 I am glad you are getting on better with the girls! :DDDD

:DD Thank you!

(YES YES EXACTLY AND IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS. Also River would be intrigued by the sonic lipstick but ultimately decide that it's too suspicious to carry two lipsticks.)

<3333333333333 me too! how are you? how do you like your new place? have you settled in?


I like it! I am very busy all the time but happy mostly, and also paychecks are very excellent. Still kind of furniture-less though!


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