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so about that movie meme a while ago
bugger this
hey guys! remember that time I did a movie shuffle meme and didn't finish the majority of them? I have three and a half free days and a completely empty hostel and this makes me feel like creating stuff. SO, here are three of them. :D

for [personal profile] newredshoes

Title: The Moscow Rules
Cast: Jasika Nicole, Tom Hiddleston, Jaimie Alexander
Song: Extreme Ways - Moby

I had to close down everything
I had to close down my mind
Too many things could hurt me
Too much could make me blind

On a beautiful November day, three covert operatives with ties to each other have near-fatal accidents. Bishop of MI6 (Hiddleston) is pushed into the path of an oncoming train and survives only through a stranger in the crowd pulling him back. Juliet of the CIA (Nicole) has a truck run into her car and survives only due to having had her car reinforced the day before. And Falcon (Alexander), affiliation unknown, finds her parachute lines cut on a practice jump with Mossad forces, surviving only through the intervention of one of the other squad members.

Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence.

But three times is enemy action.

They begin a joint investigation, determined to find out who wants them dead and why them. But complications arise as they begin to realize that the ties that bind them together are more confused than they had realized. Mentors, sponsors, assignments. They’ve shared a great deal together. Where, in the tangled mess of their history, is the trigger point they’re looking for?

And what if the things they’ve buried in the past refuse to stay there?

Notes: Oh guys I know, it’s been a long time since I worked on any of these. But I have so much free time right now and I’ve been wanting to do these and now I am and it feels GREAT.

Juliet and Falcon were definitely together briefly at one point in the past. Bishop has a hopeless crush on Falcon. Juliet has always had a soft spot for Bishop, since he was the first trainee she partnered with. Falcon’s history is long and complicated. She tends to turn up at times of crisis, but the group she’s working with always says she’s been loaned from her agency. Nobody actually knows what agency that is. Nobody actually knows what nationality she even is.

for [personal profile] fly_to_dawn

Title: Truth Like Glass
Cast: Tom Sturridge, Ruth Bradley, Skandar Keynes
Song: Your Ghost - Greg Laswell

I think last night you were driving circles around me

Alan Knight (Sturridge), a once promising young writer who hasn’t touched pen to paper since his mother’s death, has just moved to a small Welsh town to live with his slightly unconventional aunt Marjorie (Bradley). At first, he’s convinced the only thing worthwhile about this town is the fantastic views. Slowly, he comes to realize that there’s much more here, starting with the quiet and gorgeous boy who works at the bakery, Dai Prichard (Keynes).

And when Alan finds the journals of his great-grandmother, a resistance fighter in WWII, he begins to regain the courage to create again, this time using film with Dai’s help as he casts his aunt in a recreation of his great-grandmother’s incredible life. He hopes it will be enough to gain him access to the prestigious creative arts school he’d always hoped to attend before he found himself unable to write.

But as he begins to reclaim his life, he realizes that Dai and Marjorie are hiding secrets of their own - secrets that threaten the happiness of the family they’re building.


DAI: It’ll make a good framing shot, I think. Welsh mountains can pass for the Alps, right?
ALAN: Yeah, sure. [he’s watching Dai intently.] That’s a big bruise, Dai. What happened?
DAI: Fell. Damn, the light’s going to be hard to get right here.
ALAN: You fell? Seriously? You’re like the most coordinated person I know.
MARJORIE: Alan! Dai! Get your asses in here if you want food!
DAI: Come on, let’s go before she starts getting angry. [smiles as he takes Alan’s hand] It looks worse than it is. Stop worrying about me, you geek.
ALAN: I’m not a geek, Dai, I’m a nerd. [pulls him closer as they move downhill]

Notes: Dai’s homophobic and abusive dad is a huge problem. Marjorie’s hiding that an old very not-good boyfriend of hers has moved back to town and started making threats based on when they were young and did some illegal stuff together. A lot of stuff I’m unclear about happens! There is also a LOT of scenery porn.

for sagee_x3

Title: Blueprints For Escape
Cast: James McAvoy, Katie McGrath
Song: Free Energy - Free Energy

You said there’s nothing to wait for, there’s nothing to know
We’re never waking up if we never let it go
I said I wanna believe but I’m out of control

On a corner in London there’s a coffee shop owned by the incorrigible Talbot Aaron (McAvoy). Life here may be a little bit hipster and weird, but he certainly never expected for a woman with a bullethole in her side who looked like she’d just been in an explosion to walk in at closing time one night and ask for a job. Her name, she says, is Leta Coyle (McGrath).

He gives her the job.

What? He’s a nice guy and she’s just been shot. Plus their best barista just quit in a flurry of over dramatized inter-employee squabbling. He throws in the empty room over the bar as well, tells her she can be their night watchman.

She doesn’t know how to make coffee. The concept of having more than one type (black, strong, lots of sugar) doesn’t seem to have ever crossed her mind. Music, she says, isn’t really her thing. When the other employees discuss movies she looks bemused and starts sweeping. But she knows politics, knows horses like the back of her hand, knows everything there is to know about violins.

Talbot is entranced, determined to introduce her to what he refers to as ‘real life’. She smiles for the first time he’s seen in Central Park in the zoo, icecream in her hand. She takes him to her room that night.

Two weeks later, she vanishes, room cleared out, a quick thank you note all that indicates she was ever there to start with. She doesn’t even take her pay. Worried and upset, Talbot starts to hunt for her, trying to figure out how she ended up in his shop and why she left when she had seemed happy.

Half a world away, Leta is preparing for her next assignment - and planning a way out. She never wanted to be a covert operative. This is a plan long in the works. She has a red herring now in Talbot, the man her superiors are convinced she’s fallen in love with.

Neither of them is prepared for the lengths her superiors will go to to keep her. And walking away from Talbot may be harder than Leta thought.

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Those are awesome! I want to watch both of them!

:D Yours is up next! I have no idea what it's about yet, but the song is Rusted Wheel (lyrics here). If you've got any preferences/ideas, please feel free to tell me! Especially names. The names are getting HARDER AND HARDER.

I have no idea. The only thing I got out of that cast was that maybe it'd be a family drama? Or at least some of them would be related.


Can't wait to see what you come up with!

OMG, why is the film with Skandar and Tom not real?

This is the problem with this meme! I am making movies that I rather badly want to watch and ... they don't exist. :/ UNIMPRESSED, HOLLYWOOD, I AM UNIMPRESSED.

Yours is third up! The song is Weapon by the Matthew Good band, if that gives you any ideas feel free to pass them on to me. Especially names. :P

...what are you talking about? My what is what?

You gave me a prompt for the meme AGES ago. it's third up on the list of ones I haven't gotten to yet and am now going to. :D

Is this the one with Maria Bello and Katie Jarvis? And, if so, can I change the third actress to Maisie Williams?

You already gave me her, actually! :D


Hint: Katie and Maisie look like sisters, make it happen?

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