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not these metaphors of endlessness

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bugger this
Currently busily occupied in going through all my clothes. How do you pack enough stuff in one suitcase for an entire year?

Yeah, still not sure of the answer on that one.

Things I want to do: write. But I really don't have much time at all, so - 

Give me a fandom (I would love to do my original stuff especially) and either a one word or picture prompt, and I will write a three-sentence fic. More than one prompt is totally welcomed.
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you don't, cos you tend to end up buying a fair bit at uni. your style gets morphed too. just pack as much as you can in there, then see how much of it you wear.

Yeah, that's going to be a big help. But I do have to be really careful about buying anything, because I'll be in N.Z. and getting it back to the U.S. will be both a chore and also kind of expensive. :/

ditch the stuff you took with you that you didn't wear, it's what ebay and charity shops're for.

Fitting your life in a suitcase is not fun to do. Going abroad has been the hardest case o that for me, and even while I found that I didn't miss a lot of things, I felt like traveling from anywhere to anywhere always meant I had to leave stuff behind. But you can't just leave everything you like at home, that doesn't make sense. Bring what clothes you like, you can prob fit at least 2 weeks of clothes in a big suitcase. Be practical about pants/ skirts, you will rewear them a lot, bring sturdy shoes, bring a nice outfit of some sort, and you'll pick stuff up there and wear through stuff and probably accumulate almost too much to bring back with you, but it'll work out :) good luck packing! Put on fun music? :) I might have a prompt for you later but I'm at work right now, alas.

Um, pack as much as you can, especially things you'll re-wear, and then hope for the best with laundry and stuff?

AND. UM. A prompt:

Harborverse (are you still calling it that?), Cedric and Sebastien, the loading dock.

(Deleted comment)
Cabin Fever, James

He loves flying. He hadn't expected to - he'd joined the Air Force because he couldn't not, because they needed everyone they got and he made as good canon fodder as anyone, but he loved flying, loved the feel of rushing upwards.

What he hated was the inevitable return to his own equivalent of Earth, where Liam was still furious at him and their rooms were empty and dark and quiet.

<33333 Roll your clothes, go for multi-purpose things, and remember that you can always borrow/buy things there.


Doctor Who/SJA

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