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not these metaphors of endlessness

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let's touch the sky: with a to and a fro (and a here there where) and away we go
bugger this
 okay I have been a whiny twerp most of today. this is partially because I am cramping before my period (lol body thanks for stooping to new lows of putting me in pain) and I am still feeling restless and I am tired of cleaning house even though I have done very little of it this summer. any house cleaning feels like too much right now. (I literally spent a large portion of my junior year cleaning house for my mom. and a lot of that summer. and a lot of last fall.) 

I'm also having a lot of trouble concentrating. and still utterly failing at crushes. 

BUT NEVERTHELESS. between yesterday and today, I have managed to write almost 3K of X-Men fic (ANON ALL ANON SO ANON). it is on two different fics. so far only the first one is embarrassing, but the second one is fast approaching embarrassing too. 

and I also suddenly feel a desire to work on that Edmund/Ianto sequel. It's set in the gap between Torchwood S1&2. Edmund takes a temporary job at Torchwood while he's on the run from something. There is Time Agent shenanigans and memory loss and I think Susan might come into it! It... will likely never get finished because there is a LOT of story to it.

which reminds me that I think Charles Xavier and Lucy Pevensie would get along SMASHINGLY. (he reminds her of Tumnus. something in his smile, bright and open. or maybe it's the blue of his eyes, or the tilt of his head. she's a regenerative mutant former queen of a fantasy country, he's a paralyzed telepath mutant professor. together with her sister they fight crime/prejudice/fear/hatred!)

also that I want all the icons.

and my new shiny laptop, even though I haven't ordered it yet. (tomorrow, I hope.)

oh snap dishes time. 

this has been Betsy being utterly ridiculous. signing off for the next - uh, half hour? then I'll be back and writing again probably, because i am incorrigible and apparently can't go to sleep before like 1 in the morning and only then because that's when my mom goes to sleep and therefore checks on me.


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I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE NEW X-MEN. I have heard bad things, tbh, but Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr is one of the SHIPS OF MY HEART.

It is super bad about how it treats its women and the two characters of color. Which sucks, A LOT.

But if you are going for the Erik/Charles dear god does it deliver. The sheer level of obvious slashiness is incredible. (ALSO JAMES MCAVOY'S FACE)

"Refill?" Ianto asked, holding the coffee pot.

"Please, and thank you," Edmund replied, sliding his cup across the table. Ianto made the best coffee he had ever had, from here to every planet this side of the Milky Way, and in this dimension, and the one beyond the Wardrobe. "If I am up all night, I shall blame you."

"And this is a problem, why exactly?"

"None of that until we track down why the Rift is depositing Terra Birds in Cardiff shopping centres!" Jack bellowed from his office. "And I'll take the rest of that pot, Ianto!"

Ianto deliberately sloshed the last of the pot into Edmund's waiting cup.

"I don't think Jack likes me much," Edmund said taking a sip of the bitter, hot, perfect brew.

"You might try not hitting him so often," Ianto suggested, helpfully and not at all sincerely.

Icarus is tired of his father's disapproving gaze. It seems that nothing is ever enough to please him. It's stifling and he has to get out somehow, so occasionally he gets away. They're still trapped in this maze so he doesn't get very far.

Eventually they manage to escape and work together to make two sets of wings. Even that doesn't do much to make his father proud of him, so Icarus decides he'll fly higher than anyone has before. Surely that will work, he thinks.

awww, Icarus! I never thought about it like that. D: ALWAYS SO MUCH TRAGEDY.

<3333 hi you!


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Ooh, ooh, I like the part where they kissed! The end was pretty cool too.

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Susan shuts her umbrella, shakes the droplets from it, and squares her shoulders. In front of her is a bright blue police box, per Mary's instructions. Hmph, she thinks. First it was flying umbrellas, and now it is time-travelling police boxes. It's as bad as magical wardrobes.

She knocks.

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Lucy: terribly glamorous older woman. Also: NURSE. And he'll be in physio for bloody ages post-paralysis... :cough: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

I REALLY REALLY DO WANT TO. I HAVE THIS WHOLE STORY. PLOTTED OUT. if by plotted out, of course, you mean that I know Various Things I want to happen, and that I haven't decided yet whether or not Peter and Edmund still died in the train crash or not. I know Susan's around, I think she may be mutant too? Haven't decided what yet.

BUT YES. THEY MEET IN PHYSIO, and Lucy is so patient and kind and loving, and I think she may also be able to affect other people's health slightly. She's not anywhere near powerful enough to heal his spine (her own, on the other hand - ), but she can make the physio a little less painful.


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THIS IS SO GLORIOUS. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE REST, I CANNOT WAAAAAIIIIT. *flaily hands* you have no idea how excited I am that you're writing Caspian/Pevensies. I love your fic! and your Edmund is fantastic. I cannot wait to see your Caspian and Lucy. ;alkshdgkdh YAAAAAY

WATCH IT. The pacing sometimes feels weird, and it does not treat its women and PoC well. But I really love the story and the teamy-ness and the Erik/Charles relationship is so unsubtle and glaringly beautiful and heartbreaking. SO MUCH TRAGEDY, SO MUCH LOVE.

and then once you have watched, return and write Charles & Lucy & Susan with me! THEY WOULD BE SO FANTASTIC. YOU'LL SEE.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm pretty much living in total random jumps of the brain right now. Concentration? LOL WHAT IS THAT.

I think Narnia is probably the reason that I find it REALLY REALLY HARD to watch McAvoy play someone in pain. The beach scenes? UGH HEARTBREAKING I CAN'T HANDLE IT.

It is also possibly that it is because his face is REALLY ATTRACTIVE and he is endlessly adorable and should never ever be unhappy.

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