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SPN 6x01 "Exile on Main St."
bugger this
 have been seeing several negative SPN reactions?

I guess that makes sense - it has a really different feel than it used to. But I really enjoyed it. It wasn't an "OMG FANTASTIC" episode, but I felt like it was put together pretty well, made sense, and was true to their characters. Also Lisa and Ben and new family and a LADY HUNTER. I am totally looking forward to how this goes, you guys. :D Especially with the Campbell's! I like the lady Campbell (whose name I didn't catch) - "yours or your wife's?" and that she likes a girly magazine. I like the silent Campbell cousin (whose name I also didn't catch). And I am so pleased to have Corin Nemec on my TV! I shall enjoy watching Christian. I reserve rights of judgement on grandpa, because I'm still sulking about him being resurrected and not Deanna. (DEANAAAAA.) Especially since he probably gets a special destiny. Lisa was great - I really like her, and that she genuinely likes Dean and that he's a great dad to Ben and that she's great. More Ben would have been great, because he is adorable.

Things I want: MORE LADIES, as always (oh SPN, when will you give them to me?). Teamwork! And Sam&Dean repairing their relationship (again). 
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Yeah, I totally thought the girl Campbell rocked even though I don't really trust the family yet. Somethings a little bit hinky about them. But I might just be paranoid.
Oh and the 'delicate features' comment had me giggling in my seat.

:D Something is definitely up! I just hope they aren't actually evil. *crosses fingers*

I would be disappointed if they were evil, it would feel like a total cop out, but yeah there definately is something shady, hinky, not quite right going on.

(Deleted comment)
IT HAS BEEN ONE DAY, LASS, CHILL OUT. I am sure it will happen.

There had better be corners of internet happy enough with the episode to do this, because I WANT IT.

Christian/Gwen, y/y? CHRISTIAN/GWEN/MARK. I barely know them and I feel strongly that they are a VERY CLOSE family made up of epically awesome people.

NEEDZ MOAR BEN AND LISA. I thought the story was a little scattered and weak? But it kind of had to be to introduce so many changes to the show. And I like that they're introducing these changes-- Dean has kind of been in stasis for the last five years, and angsting by the side of the road with Sam and beer was getting old. Now he has something to fight FOR, not just against. I really hope Lisa and Ben stay around all season. (And I'd kind of be interested to see Dean start teaching Ben to hunt... and then feel all guilty about emulating his own father's terrible parenting, but it's better to keep him safe, right? Shooting lessons outside Bobby's house! Making him keep rock salt and a gun under his bed! Passing on the Winchester family angst!)

BUT I TOTALLY MISS CASTIEL. Come back soon, Cas!

It was a bit, yeah, but like you said that was sort of necessary. And mostly it was just pretty fabulous, and YES out of stasis! Sam was right, in a way, and so was Dean - it was good and bad that Sam didn't let Dean know he was alive.

SOON, SO SOON. He should be in 6x03!

I want this Gwen to meet Merlin's Gwen. Teach her to hunt, and the next time a mystical creature threatens Camelot, Guinevere's like, 'chill, guys, I got this,' and goes out with her rock salt and knives to take care of it :D



I can ALWAYS use more ladies.

I'm super excited for Campbells and their moral ambiguity and possible untrustworthiness! What is up with them huh! :D And Gwen Campbell!!! And laconic guy! The Campbells gotta have dwarf names. Douchey, Sassy, and, uh, Mutey. idk. Grandpa Samuel :/ yeah, Deanna was so. badass. WHAT IF THEY HAD RESURRECTED MARY WHAT THEN? I want every Mary AU possible please XD

There is noooothing I want more than Sam and Dean repairing their relationship. lkfsdklsf you know, bit by bit. I'm waiting for the explosion of emotions. The hug was so good but I'm afraid I really do want a punch.

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