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bugger this
First, the internet at my house has been being awful recently, so I may be pretty absent in the next several days. UGH UGH UGH so annoyiiiiing. 

So, TV stuff! 

The Event pilot. 
+ Interesting enough - confusing, felt urgent and almost rushed. 
+ I like Sophia and the president best - I hope we get more of both of them, because I find them way more interesting than Sean, though he's engaging enough, I guess. 
+ how does that one guy get all the sleazy head of security jobs? Emile Danko, now a CIA guy running a coverup from the president.
Supernatural S6 premiere tonight! I look forward to watching it tomorrow. :D

What else? L&O has been back, though I have to wait another week for the episode all about Matt. (MATT <3333). I am hopeful that we will get a lot more this season about his fantastic boss Harriet, because I adore everything I've gotten about her so far. 


So I watched episode 3 today, and watched the pilot and second both twice on Wednesday, and I think I'm going to be madly, deeply hooked on this show. I love EVERYONE so far. (Except for Percy, but that's a given. Percy can go DIAF.)

+ NIKITA. The lady is fantastic - gorgeous, driven, and she cares so much about the people she does care about, and I want her to win so much. :DDD She's so tough! 
+ ALEX, omg, ALEX. She's so young, and so intelligent and clever and "chill, sensei". <33 She's got such a brain on her, it's a joy just to watch her think. And
+ Michaaaael. I saw an interview somewhere where his actor said that Division is like his family, and yesssss, that makes so much sense. He is absolutely in love with Nikita, and it's not just romantic love - he trained her, she's important to him in more ways than one. 
+ Jaden is fantastic - I totally get her attitude, and why she's so pissed at Alex, and I really hope she gets past that and they become friends because they would make a fabulous team. 
+ Thom! Awww, he's so cute. I wonder what landed him in Division? He's such a good guy, it seems like!
+ Birkhoff is HILARIOUS. The more of him we get the better, I say! "SHADOWNET."
+ Amanda. I want to see her and Nikita together so much - there's something fantastic about Amanda, and I want to see MORE.

THE MORE THE BETTER, I SAY. Because so far, I am absolutely LOVING it. Also I ship - uh, everyone? with everyone? I KNOW I KNOW I'm sorry! It's just! Nikita/Alex! Alex/Jaden! Jaden/Thom! Alex/Thom! Michael/Alex! Nikita/Michael! Nikita/Amanda! OT3's are there, I'm sure! (Michael/Amanda/Nikita? Michael/Amanda/Birkhoff? Nikita/Michael/Alex? Alex/Jaden/Thom?) THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. 

Also I want more of that one guy with the glasses from the first episode, the one who chased Nikita all the way through the hotel. He's pretty awesome, in a deadly-evil-agent sort of way. 


Well, just 3. Cold War by emthiessen on LJ, a video around the Doctor Who S5 finale. GORGEOUS. "This is a cold war, do you know what you're fighting for?" You guys know how the finale gets me - this vid is all about WHY, I guess. 

I have not, in fact, abandoned SPN, despite my love for Nikita. Man With A Thousand Faces, a Gabriel vid. OH GABRIEL. Sometimes I just adore you. :(

When You Were Young, another Doctor Who S5 vid, because apparently when you put Doctor Who to The Killers I will fall over myself to watch it. Oh Amy&11! "We're burning down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane that started turning when you were young." I LOVE THEM SOOOO.

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I still can't unsee Pyro in Birkhoff but I agree that Nikita is really amazing.

I need to start watching Nikita. It seems like everyone really likes it.

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