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narnia exchange letter this is so late shoot me

GOD OK THIS HAS TAKEN ME FOREVER sorry sorry my NFE person i feel incredibly sorry about this life has basically hit me like a complete freight train and this has been very unfair to you.

I know I gave just a list of names pretty much, so I'm just going to try to lay out a few things that I tend to like in Narnia / fandom / fiction in general and honestly, like, Narnia fanfiction is always such a huge delight to me I will be pleased to see almost anything. But yes! Rough guidelines.

Specific Narnia Dislikes: I tend to have problems with Aslan as completely benevolent god, please do not vilify Susan, uhhh that's p much the only two things I actually actively dislike.

Specific Narnia Likes: Susan & Edmund being the 'shadow' siblings, worldbuilding of the Golden Age, I'm interested in the founding of Narnia, intricacies of law making and upholding, life in England After, the Pevensies learning how to navigate England again, Susan always and forever, Last Battle AU's where at least one other Pevensie survives with Susan, Pevensies being awesome at being rulers because they worked really hard at it, . IN STUPID PERSONAL adorations I love the idea that Susan / any other surviving Pevensies stop aging in their world at the point they left Narnia and just stay immortal and hang around. Can't help it ok.

Some Quotes That Make Me Think Of Narnia:  "In this new language our bones say / sun and sea, reminding us of an old / language our mouths have forgotten, but our / marrow remembers." (a new language by casandra m lopez)
(here by cyril wong) no just this whole poem god dawn treader why.
"All right. Try this, / Then. Every body / I know and care for, / And every body / Else is going / To die in a loneliness / I can't imagine and a pain / I don't know. We had / To go on living." (northern pike by james wright)
"There are tigers above / and below. Let us love / one another and let go." (tigers by eliza griswold)
"I tell you / Someone will remember us / In the future." (sappho)

General Fic Things I Love: character studies, crossovers (seriously I would cross over anything with Narnia), zombie au's, codependency, competency, fics which contain parts that aren't necessarily connected until they are, people are genuinely decent people, tragedy that leads to eventual happiness, honestly like my reading tastes are wide and varied if you need any further ideas or anything clarified at all send it through snacky or just anon here!! and i will do my absolute best to get back to you much much more quickly this time. anon here would actually probably work faster.
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i just finished mass effect 3

nothing will ever be okay again oh my god this gaaaame this trilogy i can't

my heart hurts so much and it was all so beautiful, seriously. 

hello my spring break has been going pretty well! apart from finishing mass effect today kind of sucked because i had a really bad migraine all day but all in all my upped dose has been going well and i've had a lot of time to myself and to hang out with a couple friends and to play me3 and rp and sleep, and hopefully this next quarter will be a lot easier!

how are you guys? 

who wants to talk mass effect!
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ars gratia artis

hey hey there everyone

so once upon a time long ago i advanced a concept of a tv show and started working on it, and lately i revisited it and went 'yes i like lots of this but other things do not snag me as they should TIME TO FIX IT'

SO Cabin Fever remains very similar in most ways but also changed in some others and agh I just want to write more of it or for it to be real either of the above

not that i have actually done a great deal but here is the little bit i have done because i would like to share it with you guys for hey also happy things are happening purposes

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and written for meto:

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meto i am totally writing you more things as soon as finals are doooone i am also super open to the idea of prompts or whatever because i want to do exploring in this and sort out the changes and how they work over spring break yes This entry was originally posted at Dreamwidth. There are comment count unavailable comments there.
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HEY GUYS it's 3-sentence ficathon, aka the only place I will probably write fanfiction all year, aka that one awesome explosion of joy and just throwing yourself out there to have fun! I can't do almost any actual fills until Wednesday but when I can I'm going to be all over this and you guys should leave all sorts of fantastic prompts so I can chinhands at them all, and then fill some yourself, and it'll all be really great YOU SHOULD DO THIS

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perhaps i can tell you how i feel

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 man defaulting from a fanfiction challenge for the first time ever feels really weird. so sorry, yuletide! but i am just not cut out for fanfiction this year, which i should have realized earlier. i may browse through and see if i can write some treats, but i really just do not seem to have fanfiction mojo. it's a weird feeling!

i am so bad at regularly updating, and at checking my flist. it's hard to remember to keep up multiple platforms of contact with friends! twitter, plurk, email, dreamwidth, livejournal, aim - all sorts of places with friends i want to talk to. and there are only so many hours in a day!

perhaps i should set up a "if i'm not around dreamwidth i am in these places!" post so that it is always to reach me one way or another.

in assorted things!

+ new TARDIS interior nooo I'm sure the new one will be beautiful (Gallifreyan!) but I have so much fondness for the old one and its steampunk self and that old typewriter and the glass column I will miss it a great deal. 

+ I have been watching through Life with a friend, and it is a beautiful beautiful show, oh wow. I am loving it so much. Only three episodes to go what will I do when it's over? Weep, probably.

+ I have been watching Elementary too, with said friend, and it is doing fantastic. You guys should all be watching it I think, I am pretty sure the majority of people I know would really enjoy it a lot! The relationships are complicated and done really well and the acting is beautiful and it's a very very human Holmes who's been through a lot. BASICALLY I REALLY LOVE IT AND IF YOU WANT ME TO WORD VOMIT ON YOU I WILL.

+ Sometimes I feel sad I broke up with Supernatural but then I don't. Except it's a longer more complicated emotional moment than that. Oh shows and feelings about them.
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PRIORITY NUMBER ONE: punching the flu in the face

PRIORITY NUMBER TWO: keeping myself from dying of boredom and fever

PRIORITY NUMBER THREE: not move too much because of said flu and also because my right ribs hurt because i fell off a couch onto a coffee table yes i am a real adult. the best adult!

PRIORITY NUMBER FOUR: resolutely ignore family stuff because there is nothing i can do about it at the moment

PRIORITY NUMBER FIVE: read ALL THE COMICS mostly Flash ones because Wally West is legitimately fantastic guys

let me spam you really quickly here with his awesome

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hi guys how are y'all?
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/stares at everyone

 wow I am the worst at keeping up with stuff. THE WORST.

HI EVERYONE I would like to say hi and uh.

I am also the worst at being remotely interesting, I have been doing literally nothing but working and RPing for a while now. 

... no I am still pretty uninteresting.

but hi guys! how are you?
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 In the interest of staving off imminent self-loathing, can I ask you guys to participate in a sort-of-meme for me briefly?

Namely, drop me some sort of writing prompt! A quote, a color, song lyrics, whatever. 

It's going to be original stuff - if you want to see it just note in your comment and I'll reply with whatever I come up with. If you don't want to be bothered with whatever I churn out just drop the prompt and keep on your merry way!

If you have any preferences among my original projects you can mention that and I might go for that instead of the characters from the list. I could possibly also be interested in writing for Hardy Boys or SPN:TNG too, but I'm not really sure. Maybe, who knows. 

Basically the only important part of this whole post is the bolded bit, the rest is just me rambling. I think I might go get some sleep, and then write lots in the morning, and I will feel awesome. THIS IS HOW LIFE WILL GO AND YOU CAN'T TELL ME DIFFERENT.

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