I want alchemy from this ocean

not these metaphors of endlessness

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Fanfiction Masterlist
bugger this
Archived on Delicious HERE. Poetry and original fiction linked to below, though some may be archived on the Delicious as well.

Original Fiction
"How much wine have you drunk, Celia?" he asks, and she looks up at him, blinking wide-eyed. The blood rushes to his face and he can feel his heart beating abnormally loudly, and instinctively he moves his head away, barely able to hear her laughing answer ('not enough, your face is still ugly'). He hasn't been this close to her in almost a year - they've grown more distant as they've grown up and as he gained a reputation for being a dashing player.
"It's none of your business who I kiss!" Sebastian snaps, and Holland scowls at him.
"Sir, I was under the impression that I was maintaining good grades," he says, the V in his forehead deepening. Mentally, he ticks off his grades. Head of the class in History, Algebra and English. The lowest he's placed is sixth in Art, with a second place in Latin and a fifth in Greek.
(no excerpt)
Adam manages to slow down his steps and walk through the house to the back where Holland's pianoforte rests. She's playing as he comes through the door, her back to him.
"No you aren't," he says. "It's not me leaving, is it?" His tone is light and teasing, and she can tell he's trying to brighten her mood. "You'd be the only one, if that's it," he adds, and she can practically feel his eyes burning through her head.
Sebastian is chewing on his lip on the other side of the cell, chained hands behind his head. He looks surprisingly calm, and Cedric has no idea how he's doing it.
It feels like an eternity later when four guards come marching down the hallway, Sebastian between them, more or less carried by them. Cedric runs forward and growls impatiently as the chains on his wrist and foot snap, holding him back.
Cedric paces, trying his best to ignore the chain that clanks it's way across the cell behind him like a mocking shadow.
Holland stands at the railing of the ship, staring overboard. She doesn't get seasick, but she's sure any minute now she'll be sick over the edge. It isn't the movement of the ship, but rather how Sebastian had looked for the few minutes she had gotten to see him before he and Cedric were shuffled downstairs to be hidden away until they were in Geleden waters.
Sebastian is standing by the rail as they come in through the harbor, sails open to the wind as they slip between the cliffs and the rocks, and Holland watches him with quiet content. He's grown taller than her at some point, and it's even more obvious now that he stands so straight and sure.
Ced and Holls in the Night Market
"Okay, that part was a lie," Cedric admits with a grin, and slides coins across the table before picking up the two cups of coffee and handing one to Holland.

"First contact isn't due until tomorrow morning, you know that," he reminds her gently, noting her hands clasped over her swelling belly. "You shouldn't worry, this isn't a difficult mission, Risa."
"Adrian, get her out!" Flavian yells, and Sidonie has no time for anything more than a frantic scream of her brother's name before Adrian's yanked her onto his back and taken off, cutting his way smoothly through the warriors hacking at each other.

Note left by Owen ? for his roommate Owain ? the morning of June 2nd
And we're off! Have fun interning w/ the tax people. HAHA!
In the desert
"It's the desert," she says, and he circles her with his arms and rests his chin on her hair.

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Haha, this just reminded me that I've been meaning to do a masterlist for ages. I'm so lazy, though. :(

And I don't watch Supernatural, although it's on my list of things to check out 'cause it looks like something I'd be into - but I read your Supernatural fic and I likey!

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