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perhaps i can tell you how i feel
 man defaulting from a fanfiction challenge for the first time ever feels really weird. so sorry, yuletide! but i am just not cut out for fanfiction this year, which i should have realized earlier. i may browse through and see if i can write some treats, but i really just do not seem to have fanfiction mojo. it's a weird feeling!

i am so bad at regularly updating, and at checking my flist. it's hard to remember to keep up multiple platforms of contact with friends! twitter, plurk, email, dreamwidth, livejournal, aim - all sorts of places with friends i want to talk to. and there are only so many hours in a day!

perhaps i should set up a "if i'm not around dreamwidth i am in these places!" post so that it is always to reach me one way or another.

in assorted things!

+ new TARDIS interior nooo I'm sure the new one will be beautiful (Gallifreyan!) but I have so much fondness for the old one and its steampunk self and that old typewriter and the glass column I will miss it a great deal. 

+ I have been watching through Life with a friend, and it is a beautiful beautiful show, oh wow. I am loving it so much. Only three episodes to go what will I do when it's over? Weep, probably.

+ I have been watching Elementary too, with said friend, and it is doing fantastic. You guys should all be watching it I think, I am pretty sure the majority of people I know would really enjoy it a lot! The relationships are complicated and done really well and the acting is beautiful and it's a very very human Holmes who's been through a lot. BASICALLY I REALLY LOVE IT AND IF YOU WANT ME TO WORD VOMIT ON YOU I WILL.

+ Sometimes I feel sad I broke up with Supernatural but then I don't. Except it's a longer more complicated emotional moment than that. Oh shows and feelings about them.
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We've also hooked wyrm onto it >)

isn't it awesome?? I am just really massively enjoying it! I am glad you guys are too and haha yes Wyrm and I have been discussing it over email along with our weekly hit of Criminal Minds. YOU'VE PROBABLY SEEN this picture FROM AN UPCOMING EPISODE but if you have not enjoy 8D

Life is the best show ever!! So utterly perfect. If it's any consolation with the whole 'coming to the end' thing, its last episode is my favorite last episode of any show ever. No words for how much I love that show.

On the whole Yuletide thing...I hear you. I'm beginning to be afraid I won't be able to do it either, for much the same reasons.

SUCH a good show c: I finished the last three episodes on Sunday and they were just. aghhhhh it was so well done and so beautiful and it was really sad that it was over but it felt like a good end at the same time. Man I want more tv shows made like that.

:( yes it is a sad feeling. I don't really know when I stopped writing fanfiction. It was before I started RPing though I still wrote occasionally, and now I've just sort of... trickled off into not writing it almost at all except the odd sort-of commentfic with friends. IT'S STRANGE. I don't really know how to feel about it!

I'd love more shows like that too! I think the closest I've come is Firefly, in terms of the whole odd, bonded non-related family thing. Not really similar in terms of storytelling though. Let me know if you'd like fic recs of the Charlie/Dani variety!

I've finally got an idea for my Yuletide fic, but now I've only got ten days and three holiday parties to go to in the meantime! Eek. Maybe the writing bug will come back to us both...it's abandoned me before for years a time. There's always hope!

I don't really read fanfiction anymore these days, but perhaps fics of Life would be enough to persuade me! And oh Charlie/Dani 8'D I love Dani/Tidwell a lot but those two are also perfect together idek. Firefly is pretty good for that but I don't think I got quite the same feeling from it.

Oh man good luck! I hope that works out well :)

(Sorry for posting in the wrong place originally, you'd think I'd have learned to use lj by now...)

Thanks for the good wishes! I definitely need them. Eek!

My two very favorite Life fics, both of which are Charlie/Dani while still being kind to Tidwell (I love him too, he's adorable):

Precession, by Spatz - This was my Yuletide gift last year, but I'd love and rec it even if it hadn't been. The voices are dead on, and it's got a lot of Seever, which I appreciate because I love her almost as much as Dani and Charlie.

Seven Veils by anjoufic - Technically this one is unfinished, but it comes to a pretty satisfactory conclusion even so, and it features a lot of different povs of pretty much every major character, which is one of my favorite ways of telling a story.

it's totally fine!

you can totally do it 8D

and thank you for the recs! i will look forward to reading them, they look lovely

Betsyyyyy I miss you and am also bad at keeping up with various internet platforms.

MOSTLY THIS COMMENT IS TO SAY ELEMENTARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I am a few episodes behind because I am actually watching it with my roommate, which is something of a rare occurence for a show that I get into through fandom, but it's cool.


I MISS YOU TOO i think i will put up this post of 'i can be reached at!!' and let it drift through feeds before pinning it to the top of my thing. because i do not want to become inaccessible to my friends because i am forgetful and have drifted away from engaging with fandom in a specific way D:

OH MY GOD ELEMENTARY yes yesssss i was about to ask if you caught Sherlock's "your mom" joke in the latest ep but you have not seen it yet WHEN YOU DO see if you catch it hehe.

Watson legitimately is just so so great, and I love that she's very much forthright about the fact that first and foremost her concern is that he be all right and functioning and that it is Her Job that he recover, and that she doesn't stand for him trying to downplay it. And that at the same time she is interested in his work and clearly enjoys helping out, and that he is super receptive when she figures something out! Like okay I don't dislike BBClock, I find it pretty fun, they just have totally different interpretations of Sherlock's character and I really prefer Elementary's versionn, where he's very human, where he doesn't not understand people. Rather he understands them too well most of the time, and it's overwhelming and hard and he'd rather not. UGH THAT SCENE WHERE HE'S LIKE IT'S A LONELY THING and he's sitting there at his table picking locks and I just want him to be okay :(

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