I want alchemy from this ocean

not these metaphors of endlessness

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bugger this
 Right, so, I finally have longer than half an hour on the computer to do ALL OF MY STUFF.

I'm in the library at Rotarua, where it is pouring down rain, holy crap there is so. much. rain. The internet is kind of crappy and reallyyyy slow, but oh well. It is serving my purposes.

So firstly I wanted to give my massive, massive thanks for everything you guys said in the anonymous love meme. I don't even know what to say beyond flailing and thank you because it really means an incredible amount to me, everything you said and just. <33333333 I love you guys all so much.

So yeah, I'm travelling again. I don't know when I won't be travelling for the next month and a half, actually. I may be back at at the hostel for a few days inbetween travelling and going home for my sister's wedding. Then I'm home for the wedding from January 18 and I'm back like... Feb. 1stish? to begin work at the hostel again.

Also I wrote Supernatural/Leverage fic while pinch-hitting for the Crossover Exchange, and it is up on A03 and I'm running out of time so can't link to it, but yeah. It is there! It is Dean/Eliot.

I love all you guys an immense amount! See you around.
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