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determined to save / the only life you could save
bugger this

one: omg there is an alternate universe wherein Jo Harvelle is alive. with her own crew. travelling around being badass and amazing. tell me stories about this! Obviously Emily Prentiss is on her team. Inbetween careers, with nothing to do but wait and plan and scheme until she can take Ian down permanently, she falls into bed with Jo and then into her life. She keeps saying it's temporary, but Jo knows the hunting life, knows how it gets into your skin, digs in deep. She wonders if Jane/Karen/Tara/Carmen will really be able to walk away in the end. She wonders why she can't just walk away now. She never asks, though. She knows how people look when they're running from something. Maybe someday she'll even tell Jo her real name.

Who else is in this crew? I vote for Alex from Nikita! Perhaps Amy Pond and River Song drop by every so often. "Spoilers," they say apologetically. They leave as soon as the job is done, heading back to their own life.

omg Justice League: Generation Lost is almost done! I am so excited for the last issue, I cannot even.

ALSO: I feel like Cass and Wendy and Stephanie and Damian should make their own little club. Probably called something like "Hero Kids With Supervillain Parents". They could eat cookies and refuse to talk about their feelings and then kick some ass, with Wendy making snarky comments in their ears, the rush of the wind in their face as they swing across the streets of Gotham. Unstoppable. They are more than the sum of their parts. They are better than their parents ever were. They stared death in the face and they walked away from it, stronger for it. This is the heart of them - the hope for a better tomorrow. A place where nobody has to be them.

oh hai Remix. hm.

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OMG STEPH AND DAMIAN ARE MY HAPPY PLACE. Like, I hated him at first because he's such a little shit, but when it's the two of them snarking at each other, it's just like HEARTS IN MY EYES. I haven't picked up any Bat-books in forever, are they done pretending Cass doesn't exist now?

I CANNOT EVEN for how much I adore them. JUST. a;sdklghd THE CUTENESS!

oh man, the current Batgirl run is just all awesome, all the way. Batman and Robin is really awesome because of Damian's character arcs and also hilarious Dick!Batman.

and though Cass has barely been mentioned, she's confirmed as a large part of the upcoming Gates of Gotham miniseries apparently, and she's definitely supposed to show up in Red Robin soon. I've got my fingers crossed for her taking up either the Nightwing mantle or creating her own new identity and maybe getting her own series. Because omg Cass Cain. How are you this awesome? HOW?

That scene where she teaches him how to play omg. Also I don't know if you read Titans at all, but Rose/Damian friendship would be the awesomest most terrifying thing ever.

I followed it for a long time, but then I quit my job so I'll have no means of supporting my comic addiction until summer ;_; I actually really love the combination of Dick and Damian, kind of because it turns the whole Batman and Robin relationship on its ear; they're still foils for one another, but their roles are totally reversed.

Have you seen that fanart of Cass as Nightwing? It's so friggen pretty. I think ultimately I'd rather see Cass with a new completely new identity, because Nightwing was all about Dick stepping away from the Bats and establishing himself as a hero, so it makes the Nightwing title feel distinctly his. Like, I don't think of it being a legacy thing. Then again, I never saw Batman as a legacy thing, either, so who knows? As long as Beechen stays far far away from any book she's in, I'll be happy, haha.

FANART? GIMME. I has grabby hands....

I love that scene. I love it so muuuuuuch. :D I only just picked up Teen Titans, starting with the Solstice arc, but I might try backtracking and reading Damian's run. I know enough about Rose that - yeah, wow. That would be interesting. And deadly. :P

:( awww, man. that sucks. and yes! I'm loving the reversal of things - Damian Grouchypants and Dick the exuberant one - he'll always be playing foil to an exasperated moody Wayne, won't he? *pets Dick* He's terribly good at it, of course.

... oooooh, no, I haven't. But I want to. Hmm, yeah, I see what you mean. I think there would be more meaning in her having an all new identity, one that's entirely hers but hopefully related to the Batfamily in some way, because she really believes in the batsymbol and I love that about her. <3333 Cass, oh man.

(Deleted comment)

Claire keeps asking to come along, but Jo draws the line at teenagers. She tells her she has to wait until she's 18 before Jo will let her come on hunts.

Naturally, Claire snags Ben and then they run into Jesse and well - Jo can't really stop the Antichrist from doing whatever he wants, can she? And they're a damn good team.

(Deleted comment)
Ooooooh! Occasionally Claire drops by Aaron's place! He runs TECH SUPPORT.


Emily Prentiss thinks, sometimes, that this is kind of just like taking down serial killers. A second family. (She still misses the first.)


Susan and Emily get along well. Susan knows how to leave past lives behind and never pushes, and Emily returns the favor.

Sometimes the gang splits up. A skinwalker in Detroit, a homicidal ghost a few towns over. Jo takes Becky and Emily and Luna to Detroit, and Susan calls in Claire and Jesse and Ben and she and Anna supervise them with the ghost. If they're bound and determined to fight, they might as well keep them under supervision as much as possible. Besides, Anna needs time with Claire to help her understand how to use the remnants of grace that live under her skin. Susan and Jesse have long conversations about living forever.

Oh man, Susan and Jesse would. And about leaving your family behind, and being AWESOME.

Emily didn't mean to hook up with these hunters. She was in France, and then in Italy, and then she ran into Clyde again and he said, "Emily! You look wonderful for a dead girl. Here, hold this for me. What are your feelings on the Titanic?"

"What Titanic?" Emily asked, and Clyde said, "Exactly."

THAT TOO. Being SOOOOO awesome the world just can't handle it. :DD

eeeeee! CLYDE AND EMILY AND HUNTING AND asldkghdlghdgs I want alllllll the best things for Emily, ALL THE BEST THINGS.

CLAIRE TOO SOMEHOW IN THIS BIZARROWORLD PLZ? I love the thought of her doing huntery things, omg.

Amy Pond and River song TOTALLY DROP BY ahahaha omg they bring spoilers! oh what about when they have bad spoilers :( no they only bring good spoilers. because time can be rewritten omfg it caaaan my heart will go onnnn Elen and Joooo <3333333

Claire is still with Jesse and Ben! BEING AWESOME. But Jo tries to keep them with her as much as possible, so that they have adult supervision. They're still kids, after all. Jo didn't even want them hunting yet, but they've got the Antichrist on their side, so there's not much she can do about it.

THEY COME BY WHEN IT'S TIME TO SAVE THE DAY. But River Song gets a sad look in her eyes whenever she sees Susan Pevensie, because she knows. Susan traveled with the Doctor once. River Song knows all about Susan.

That is true! Claire is a free agent with Jesse and Ben! But I love the idea of her getting some sort of mentorship in there. Especially if it's Jo <3

dfslkdsf Susan is a hunter but she traveled with the Doctor
River Song knows all about her
I neeeeeed this fiiiic right nowwwww! omgggg

Claire and Jo are tight! Jo showed Claire how to load a gun for the first time. It was heavy in Claire's skinny arms, and the kick hurt, but Claire just looked at the target and narrowed her eyes and said "More practice?" "More practice," Jo agreed.

somebody should write it!

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